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Matthew Asner

Matthew Asner was born September 9, 1963, in Los Angeles, to his mother Nancy Sykes and father Ed Asner. Being raised in Hollywood, he spent time as a lead singer in punk bands Insect Idol and Grand Manner, and then turned to producing and directing. Some of his better-known works include 100 Voices: A Journey Home in 2010, and Mr. 10% in 2008.
Having grown up with a brother who has autism and then raising a son with autism, Matt chose to leave film producing in 2012 to make his mark in a way only he could. Matt joined the largest research and advocacy organization, Autism Speaks, where he ran the Southern California office for four years. Matt then made a switch to Autism Society of America where he served as Vice President of Development for the next two years. Most recently, Matt chose to “join the family business” and is now the President for the Ed Asner Family Center. “Nine years ago, I entered the autism world and said to my self that I would make my father my partner in whatever I did. Two fathers one mission. It was always my intention to create something special that would carry our specific mission and help people through the arts.” Those were the initial thoughts of their center. When Matt married his wife, Navah Paskowitz-Asner, she brought to light the challenges of mental health. Creating the Ed Asner Family Center has been a labor of love and experiencing the first program, Camp Ed, has been almost overwhelming. Matt is a connector who champions his friends, family, and anyone who can use a little help.