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Navah Paskowitz Asner

Navah Paskowitz-Asner is one of 9 children (the only girl) born to Dorian “Doc” Paskowitz, a Stanford-
educated physician who left his work in medicine to become a professional surfer. Navah grew up teaching
surfing at the family owned surf camp as well as modeling locally and internationally. It was Navah’s
experience teaching children with special needs how to surf that changed the direction of her professional
Navah has been working with special needs families since her youngest son was diagnosed in 2012. She
is a Life Coach and the creator of The BALANCE family conferences in which she established the model of
having mental health support for the ENTIRETY of the special needs family. Starting the Ed Asner Family
Center with her husband and father-in-law has been a dream come true. Here she can support individuals
who are developmentally disabled and those with mental health challenges in an environment where the
entire family can live, thrive, feel joy and hope no matter how hard their personal burdens may be.

"Less than a decade ago I was a single mother with four young children, two impacted by autism. I was in
desperate need of mental health support because of my challenges in life and financially unable to pay for
the support I needed.” Today, Navah is a devoted wife and mother of 6 kids, three with autism. She
continues to help others serving as the Executive Director at the Ed Asner Family Center.